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"I was in so much turmoil"

Help following termination

"I had in no way come to terms with a termination..."

During the summer I realised that I had in no way come to terms with a termination which had taken place about two and a half years ago (I had even blotted out the exact date of termination).


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Pregnancy stories

"After my Miscarriage"

"My sister got pregnant"

My sister, many years ago, got pregnant and was very unsure what to do given her circumstances at the time and she confided only in me.


"Our baby had been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome"

At 17 weeks pregnant we had been told that our baby had been diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome. Our GP asked us if we would like to contact your service, and explained a bit about it.


"I was suicidal but needed to hold it together for my children…”"

I was made redundant and forced to have a termination all within the space of a month. I had to call the Samaritans twice as I was suicidal but needed to hold it together for my children. I was in pieces. My listener helped me put myself back together again. Thanks to her patience and wisdom I was able to stop blaming myself for agreeing to terminate against my own will. Each week, I slowly unpicked the tangle of emotions that has caused this crisis in my life and with her help I came to realise that I wasn’t the terrible, weak person I thought I was.

I needed someone impartial, sympathetic, and entirely non-judgmental and kind to listen to me while I talked and tried to come to terms with what had happened. There was no one in my personal life – family or friend – who could have listened for so long without prejudice and if I had not been able to talk to her I would have had no one to help me through it.

I will never forget the child that could have been or stop mourning the loss but I now accept what happened and am able to move on with my life.