Useful links

Pregnancy Choices Directory - a national directory of centres like ours, that offer pregnancy and post-abortion support. Also gives some information and advice (under development), and an excellent collection of real-life stories from people having unplanned pregnancy, including abortion, keeping their baby, adoption and miscarriage. Much of this is carried over from the former CareConfidential website, but unfortunately not the national telephone helpline, online counselling, or forums.

Local clinic search - a UK-wide search from the fpa covering contraceptive clinics, contraceptive clinics especially for young people, GUM clinics (infection testing), clinics providing emergency contraception

Pregnancy Care Planner (NHS) - comprehensive planning tool from the NHS about pregnancy

Abortion (NHS) - detailed information about having an abortion

Miscarriage (NHS) - detailed information about miscarriage

Emergency contraception (NHS) - information about the 'morning after pill' and where to get it

Contraception (NHS) - a comprehensive guide to contraception from the NHS - information from related to bringing up children, including tax credits, child benefit, and maternity / paternity pay

Ask Brook - a confidential service for under 25s in the UK with questions about sex, contraception, pregnancy, abortion and STIs

Drug Watch - information about thousands of different medications and drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide; of particular relevance, information on drugs whose side effects include birth defects, such as Accutane

Counselling Directory - a directory to find a professional counsellor or psychotherapist.

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