Schools Work

Schools work by Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre - YourChoice

The Schools work at CPCC is called YourChoice. A team of educators currently deliver sex and relationship lessons to schools. The lessons work within the national guidelines for SRE (Sex and Relationships Education) in schools. The primary aim is to give young people the knowledge to be more able to make informed choices about their own relationships and issues surrounding sexual health.

Teenage pregnancy rates in the UK are the highest in Europe. In 1999 the Government pledged to halve teenage pregnancies in England by 2010. Although teenage pregnancy rates have dropped slightly, this target has not been met. At Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre (YourChoice) we aim that by delivering informative and interesting lessons, we can help towards this goal.

Alternative choices for young people.

Young people are faced with many different choices to make. Each decision we make can have consequences, however big or small. YourChoice aims to help young people become aware of their self esteem and how this is important when entering into decision making, especially those decisions connected with sexual health. At YourChoice we believe it is important for young people to make informed decisions about their relationships without feeling pressure from their peers or society into making decisions that they aren’t completely comfortable with.

Who are YourChoice?

YourChoice is run by a team of trained educators (volunteers) under the direction of the schools coordinator.

Would you like us in your school? / Interested in Volunteering with us?

If you are interested in volunteering with our schools work, or interested in what we do and would like further information about our work in schools, please contact the centre on 020 8892 8483.