Post-abortion support

Having an abortion is a difficult decision that many women have to consider at some stage in their lives, often without very much time or support.

An abortion can be a solution that brings relief to a highly stressful situation, but for some the experience can be a sad one, and difficult to deal with.

Physical symptoms

The physical experience of having an abortion procedure is explained on the NHS website, where it also advises the symptoms you may experience in the following days or weeks – and when to seek help.

Post-abortion emotions

Some women have negative emotional and/or mental responses to having an abortion, such as depression, guilt, difficulty sleeping and feeling unable to get past the experience. If you experience stress in relation to having had an abortion, there is support available for you.

'The Journey'

At the Crossway Pregnancy Crisis Centre, and other similar centres, we offer a programme for women who are troubled by an abortion. Known as The Journey, it is a step-by-step path to post-abortion recovery.

Going through The Journey has helped many women put their experiences of having had an abortion to rest. If you would like to know more about doing The Journey at our centre, or talk about your experience of having had an abortion, please get in touch. If you live further afield, Pregnancy Choices Directory may be able to signpost to a centre near you.