"I had in no way come to terms with a termination..."

During the summer I realised that I had in no way come to terms with a termination which had taken place about two and a half years ago (I had even blotted out the exact date of termination).

My anguish became far more intense when I found out I was pregnant, an event I had wished for but my husband was unhappy about.  Immersed in hormones, doubts, panic, and concern about my marriage, I sought help.

It was such a relief to be able to speak about the overwhelming fears in my head at a time when I did not want to confide in friends or family, and my husband was in a struggle of his own.

The guilt from the termination, and concerns about the effect of this baby on my marriage, was so much to cope with and I found great relief in getting my thoughts out.

The centre gave me time to talk and think, and understanding.  It was very useful to speak to someone trained to listen and to try to get my thoughts clear. As I had two issues, my previous termination and the new pregnancy, I think speaking to a trained counsellor was essential - also someone not involved or not emotional through knowing me.

I think a centre such as the Crossway is essential and serves an invaluable purpose to women of all ages and in many different circumstances.

- Crossway visitor