One of the most central aspects of our service is confidentiality. Anything you tell us is confidential, and we will not normally tell anyone what you say in a listening session. In situations where we think there is a strong possibility that you or someone we have talked about will harm themselves or others, or if we suspect child abuse, we will have to speak to someone about it. In these cases we will talk to you before telling anyone else and make sure that you know who will be told and why.

All listeners report to a supervisor who gives advice, and we may share information with the supervisor without giving them any names, so they cannot trace you. They do not disclose the information to anyone else except in the circumstances outlined above.

You can be assured that whenever you contact or visit the centre, you are doing so in complete confidence.

We will also handle any form of contact with you with discretion:

  1. Phone - if you contact us on the helpline (020 8892 8483) and we are unable to take your call for some reason, you can let us know in your message how and when you would like us to contact you.
  2. Text - if you contact us via text message (07776 482350) we will text you back on the number on which you contacted us, unless you request otherwise.
  3. Email - if you contact us via the email form, you can use the comments box to let us know how (eg. phone / email) and when we should get back to you.